Jagged Land

by Seznec Bros

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The Seznec Brothers are the Franco-American musicians Cory and Yann Seznec. Involved in different musical worlds and living in different cities, the bros got together as much as they could over the past year to put together this batch of tunes that feature three re-invented traditional tunes and eight originals.
Cory sings and plays guitars, banjos (gourd and open-backed), and charango. Yann sings and plays guitars, keys/piano, some bass, and trumpet.
Several of their musician friends joined forces with them to back them up on various tracks: Thomas Bailey on fiddle, percussionist Paul Clifford, bassist Stephen Harrison, Pedro Kouyaté on kamelngoni (Malian harp), percussionist Renaud Ollivier, and drummer Peter Vilk.


released June 26, 2012

All music was written by the Seznec Brothers, except Arkansas Sheik (trad.), Mother’s Last Word To Her Son (Washington Phillips), and Tryin’ To Get Home (Rev. Gary Davis).
Recorded by Yann Seznec in London, Edinburgh, Annapolis, Ervy-le-Châtel, and finally at Studio La Fugitive in Paris, France.
Produced by the Seznec Brothers
Mastered by Sound Lab
Artwork and layout by Antoine Corbineau



all rights reserved


Seznec Bros Paris, France

The Seznec Brothers are Cory and Yann. They really are brothers, though it may seem like an elaborate ruse to gain credibility. Cory lives in France. Yann lives in Scotland. When they meet up they make music. Sometimes they invite people to play with them. ... more

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Track Name: Arkansas Sheik
Come all you Missouri gals, and listen to my noise 

Never you marry an Arkansas boy

If you do I’ll tell you what it’ll be

Cold cornbread, molasses and sassafras tea

When you go a-courting I’ll tell you how to dress

A buckskin hunting shirt and this is the best

An old flop hat with more brim than crown

An old pair of shoes with the heels run down

The first thing he does whenever he goes in
He takes a chew of tobacco and he slobbers on his chin
The first thing he says whenever he sits down

"Madam, ain’t your johnny-cake a-baking too brown?"

They milk a little brindle cow and sling it in a gourd

Put it in a corner and cover with a board
Some gets little and some gets none

And this is the way that the Arkansas is run

An old board roof and a puncheon floor
And old pole bedstead and an oak-board door
Sleeping on the slats with a handful of straw
Trying to get along with my mother-in-law

An old blind mule and an old milk cow
A razorback hog and a bull-tongue plow
He had his poke salad and his sassafras tea

But the Arkansas Sheik is a mystery to me

Now I’ve sung you all my song and I guess you’re glad it’s through

The Arkansas Sheik is a-feeling kind of blue

He got drunk and he took him to town

Cause the Arkansas girls turned his damper down
Track Name: Long Red Road
White stockings in the winter grey
Don your dark furry overcoat
No time to tarry and look so deep
Into the future that we wrote

Oooh ooh ooh
The time has come again
Oooh ooh ooh
Just sink into my arms as we
Tear down that long red road
Kicking up dust that paints us in coats
of crimson and stains our clothes

Casual waltz through others' lives
Seeking refuge from the stacked deck
I'll show you how to live with fire in your eyes
If my heart you'll show me how to protect

Oooh ooh ooh
The time has come again
Oooh ooh ooh
Just sink into my arms as we
Tear down that long red road
Kicking up dust that paints us in coats
of crimson and stains our clothes

In the valley of the clouded forest
Sun weighs heavy on the skyline
You dance around, I hear the sounds
That brought me to you by the by

Oooh ooh ooh
The time has come again, where I wish I didn’t feel so much
Oooh ooh ooh
Just sink into my arms as we
Tear down that long red road
Kicking up dust that paints us in coats
of crimson and stains our clothes
Track Name: Chop It Up
Chop it up, knees on the ground
Picking up the cherrywood flakes all pink on the grassy mound

Hook it up, tie it with the right knots
Hand it to the bearded men who route and plane in the name of God

And the waves break
Against the hull of the riverboat
From where they came
Only the winds know

Load it in, lay it in the right way
Even when it's tied down it'll still take its own shape

Feel your warmth, in the comfort of my dreams
Rudest part of the lonely days are when you make for to leave
Lonely day lonely day....

And the waves break
Against the hull of the riverboat
From where they came
Only the winds know
Track Name: Audience That Cares
Waiting in the wings and they're saying some things
About the people out there who barely even care
They're only here because they can't think of anything better
And in the dark dawn there's a solitary song
I'm listening for my cue I'm about to go on
One more song and then I'll go and get her

Good day to you, yes good day to you sir
What do you think, chirped one to the other bird
Frankly, I don't think they give a damn
And deep in the grey fog what do you say frog,
do you even have an audience that cares?
I just want to ribbit while I can

And when the days break and the leaves shake 
And the curtain will rise
A little nest we make and everywhere the trees awake
Ready for our unseeing eyes
Track Name: Jagged Land
Sliver of moon like a dangling worm
Peeks through the trees making me yearn
For the whippoorwill's call in a hardwood forest
Round a fire a-blaze singing a chorus
To some ancient tune we've always heard
A melody tethered to the bones of the earth

Run right along the overflowing river
Run right along, run right along
Run right along before the ground quivers
Run, run.....

Jagged land from which we were snatched
You've been cruel, but we want you back
We'll journey on towards the setting sun
Abandon worlds built by the latest notions
And when you strike with fearsome ease
We'll recall that old melody

Run right along the firy mountain
Run right along, run right along
Run right along the arid plains
Run, run....

If we promise to live in tune with you
On your wavelength, according to your rules
Will you abide and let us play
On the banks of the creek all stained in clay
Methinks you'll never just let us be
And in the trying times we'll sing the melody

Run right along the howling winds
Run right along, run right along
Run right along all of man's sins
Run, run...
Track Name: Sugar In Her Coffee
My baby takes sugar in her coffee
and honey in her tea
and my baby says
that no one makes her coffee as good as me

That's why every single morning
I say hello my little sunshine
cause I want my baby to know
that I'm all hers and she's all mine

So I put sugar in her coffee
it makes her taste so sweet
and the look on her face when she gets it
lord, that's all I need.
Track Name: Tears Are Gold
I'm going, yes I'm going, you're shining tears ain't gonna make me stay
Whistled up my dog, packed my bags make my getaway

I’m goin’ to see the almighty, don't get in my way
I'm leaving town at sunup, I'll be back some lonesome day

With his feet in this world, but his eyes in the next
The Almighty dances, full of fury and sex

He picks up a fiddle, and plays it like you've never seen
And hits the high solemn road, before the sun's first gleam

Down in that deep dark hollow
Where the canopy blocks out the light
Inside the mind's mind where I shed my sorrows
To return and look with untainted sight

I'm back my woman, I'm back from the deep dark wood
I'm back my baby, I've been misunderstood

For I love you, yes I love you your tears are gold to me
I love you, The Almighty showed me that I left for that to see

Track Name: Jack Of All Trades
Jack of all trades, master of none
Kneel to pray that the work that I’ve done
Will help me find my way back home
Will help me find my way alone

So many different chairs in which he’s sat
Swept back his hair under many different hats
Will it help him find his way home for sure
Will it help him find his way back to her

Jack of all trades, master of none
Looking around, while on the run

Busy as a bee bumbling around
Trying to be happy she makes no sound
To help her find her way back in the din
To help her find her way back to him

Jack of all trades, master of nil
Lot of a little, cause I can’t stand still

Jack of all trades...
Track Name: Mother's Last Words To Her Son
Another pain fell yesterday, when my mother did sweetly say
You are leaving my darling boy, You always have been your mother's joy

Now as you leave this words her own You might not be able to get back home
But to remember Jesus who lives on high Is what you'll view with a mighty eye

The world is so far obscene and old and many sorrows everywhere you go
But to remember Jesus who's everywhere you get in trouble, he'l meet you there

If you'll bow down before his face and trust in him for his saving grace
And you have a burden, he'll make the light and he sure will guide you in the right

Now when I think of my mother dear I often see there a kind of cheer
My wandering mind was gone astray but since then I accept the way